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3 Extra Tricks to Spruce Up Your Business Emails (Part 2)

The corporate world is filled with expressions, specialized vocab words, and various acronyms.

You probably already know some of the classics like ASAP and FYI, but have you come across the more advanced ones below?

And more importantly, do you know how to use them?

1. OOO

Stands for… Out of office

Meaning: When someone is out of office, it means they are temporarily not available to work due to being on vacation or another type of leave.

Relatedly, out-of-office messages are set as automatic replies to emails/phone calls to let everyone know that one is not currently available.


Employees have been instructed to set up OOO responses.

2. ROI

Stands for… Return on investment

Meaning: Usually expressed as a percentage, ROI is a numerical measure of the success of a financial investment. If the return is positive, a profit was made. On the other hand, a negative ROI means that a portion of money was lost.

Example: The ROI of my stock portfolio is at a modest 6%.


Stands for… To be announced/To be confirmed

Meaning: Sometimes an event or product release is planned but not completely fleshed out in terms of schedule. When this happens, TBA and TBC are used to announce that something is coming but does not have a fixed date or time yet.


The clothing line is set to launch, but the exact date is TBA/TBC.

4. WFH

Stands for… Work(ing) from home

Meaning: With the rise of remote work, this term has become much more popular over the last few years. Working from home is exactly what it sounds like: Getting tasks done at home rather than commuting to an office each day.


If necessary, would you feel comfortable WFH?

5. HQ

Stands for… Headquarters

Meaning: Most large firms and corporations have locations in multiple cities, but their headquarters are considered the main office and administrative center of the entire company.


Many tech companies have their HQ in Silicon Valley.

Those in business know that sending emails is one of the most delicate aspects of professional communication.

Write a good email, and you may be rewarded with things like a raise, job interview, or partnership.

Write a bad one, and you might confuse, mislead, or anger the reader. Keep these 3 tips in mind to increase your chances of successful online correspondence.

Tip #1: Make each paragraph short

In an essay, paragraphs are often around 5-7 sentences, but the rules are a little different for emails. The best practice is to limit email paragraphs to 3-4 sentences.

If you go on too long, the reader might get frustrated and have trouble locating the main ideas of the message.

Perfect length: It was a pleasure to speak with you over the phone. I am excited about the opportunity and looking forward to working together. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information. Thanks!

Tip #2: Carefully consider the subject line

The subject line determines whether the recipient opens the email or just lets it sit in their inbox.

They are especially important for cold opens in which you are making first contact with a potential customer or client.

Make your subject concise, relevant, and informative to let the recipient know exactly what the message concerns.

Subject examples
A quick questionUpdate on XX
Receipt for orderMeeting schedule
New product offerApplication follow-up

Tip #3: Use proper attachment etiquette

It’s very common to add an attachment when sending an email.

You may need the recipient to look at a document, sign a contract, or even watch a video. However, they won’t know what the attachment is or what they have to do with it unless you tell them.

To remedy this, simply acknowledge the attachment and describe what should be done in the body text section.

Also, don’t forget to actually attach it!  

PS: Click here to read part 1!

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