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3 Quick Tricks to Spruce Up Your Business Emails

English is known as the international language of business.

Companies all over the world use this language to communicate, collaborate, and connect with each other.

How do they usually do this?

Oftentimes, it’s via email!

Professional emails have certain expectations and unwritten rules that not everyone is aware of, which is the reason why following these next 3 tips can help you take a BIG step in the right direction…

Tip #1: Always include salutations & endings

When you properly greet the recipient and sign off at the end, it shows a clear sense of respect and cordiality. Thus, it is best to greet them at the beginning, wish them well at the end, and place your name below the sign-off.

Common SalutationsCommon Endings
Greetings Sir,Sincerely,
Hello Ma’am,Best wishes,
Dear All,Regards,
Good Morning Everyone,Take care,
Hi (Name),Thank you,

Tip #2: Use please, thank you & appreciation

Similar to the first tip, showing gratitude and understanding can help to smoothen communication, resolve tension, and obtain desired outcomes. The three magical words to do this are please, thanks, and appreciate.


Could you please sign this document? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Tip #3: Turn commands & requests into questions

In professional emails, we often need someone to do something for us in order to make progress or complete a task.

A command or request can be used to do this, but it usually sounds softer and more polite to rephrase it as a question. This way, you are giving the recipient some say in the matter.

Simple command:

I am having a technical problem. Assist me with this issue.

This is not incorrect, but it sounds a little rude and abrupt, so let’s rephrase the same idea…

Polite question:

I am having a technical problem. May I ask you for assistance with this issue?

I hope that these tips can help you!

Stay tuned for more suggestions.

And by the way, Black Friday is coming… You will be surprised!

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