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Ask an Editor: A New TextRanch Feature!

At TextRanch, we understand that sometimes you have questions about words, phrases, and the principles of English grammar. Maybe you wonder why a certain verb tense is used in one context, but not in another one that seems similar. Perhaps you’ve heard a slang expression, but you aren’t sure how to use it. If you have been reading this blog or taking an English class, you might be wondering how to apply some of the rules you have learned to your own writing.

Our new Ask an Editor feature can provide answers to those questions!

What is Ask an Editor?

If you have used our Quick Text feature, you are aware that our TextRanch editors are able to provide brief explanations in that space. If you have submitted longer documents for either Advanced or Premium editing, you probably received feedback in the form of inline comments. However, with our editing services, the focus is on correcting and improving what you’ve already written.

Our all-new Ask an Editor service provides a designated service that is specifically designed for you to get answers to your questions. When you use Ask an Editor, our TextRanch editors can go “deep in the weeds”, and provide you with detailed answers and perhaps a relevant example or two.

You can get clarity on:

  • English grammar rules, especially the quirky and confusing ones
  • When to use certain words, and why
  • Idioms, slang, and odd-sounding expressions
  • Tips to help you remember which words to use
  • Tricky sentence structure

How does it work?

If you are interested in trying out this new feature, all you need to do is follow these instructions.

  1. Go to You can also click the blue box at the end of this article and click on the “Ask an Editor” tab.
  2. Type your question in the text box!
  3. There is also a second text box where you can provide our editors with any necessary additional details.
  4. Wait for a response. One of TextRanch’s senior editors will answer your question within 24 hours.
  5. Keep in mind that your editor can only answer one question at a time. If you ask multiple questions at once, your editor will only answer the first one.
  6. Please note that this service is specifically for queries related to the English language. Questions about languages other than English or unrelated topics will not be addressed.
  7. Your questions should be related to grammar, writing, or understanding English text. For example, your editor can help you understand how to read a recipe, or how to write one, but they will not provide advice on actual cooking techniques or procedures.

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