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English at the Airport: 12 Key Vocabulary Words

Frequent travelers know that a smooth airport experience is everything, yet all the tricky terms can make the process more confusing than it should be.

What’s a “concourse” exactly? How do I find my gate? Such questions have run through the minds of many.

Airport staff do their best to be accommodating, but for English learners, this list of vocab words can assist in navigating the travel procedure with ease!

Glossary Terms

Airfare: The cost of a plane ticket.

Prices fluctuate depending on factors like time of year.


Buy a ticket early to secure the lowest airfare.

Airline: A company that owns airplanes, employs aircrew, and operates commercial flights.


My favorite airline to travel with is Lufthansa.

Baggage claim: The area in which luggage is reclaimed off conveyor belts after landing at the destination.


Excuse me, do you know where baggage claim is?

Boarding: The process of getting all passengers on the plane and in their seat. Announcements are made to line everyone up.


The boarding process started at the scheduled time.

Boarding pass: The rectangular card given to passengers at check-in that allows them to fly.


Boarding passes can be printed at the kiosk.

Carry-on: A medium-sized piece of luggage that is taken on the plane and stored in the overhead bin.


She always brings a carry-on when traveling.

Checked bag: A large piece of luggage that is loaded in the cargo hold after being submitted at the check-in counter.


The checked bag was too heavy to lift!

Domestic flight: A flight that takes off and lands in the same country.


We’ll catch a domestic flight from Seattle to Denver.

Gate: A seating area with a doorway leading to the airplane. Travelers sit here while waiting to board.  


Gate B21 is currently closed for maintenance.


A passport, identification card, or other travel document displaying a passenger’s personal information.


Please have your ID ready to show at customs.

Overhead bin: The compartment above the airplane seats that carry-on luggage is stored in.


The flight attendant makes sure to close the overhead bin.

Terminal: The building that travelers enter to check in, go through security, and take their flight. Large airports usually have multiple terminals.


Buses run to and from each terminal until 10 PM.

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