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Giving Professional Written Feedback: 5 Steps for Success

Providing constructive feedback in the workplace is a delicate procedure.

It is important not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but issues need to be outlined, addressed, and corrected for the sake of the business. With any luck, the comments you offer will be beneficial to the recipient as well as the company.

Check out the steps below to get a better handle on the feedback process:

1. Stay objective

It can be tempting to add personal opinions and biases, but emotions often cloud our good judgment and create resentment.

Rather than being subjective, try to remain levelheaded, rational, and on topic.

2. Be specific & detailed

Not much is worse than vague guidance and invalid criticism.

Thus, statements should be backed up by evidence and precise info. Putting logic and reasoning into your writing shows attention to detail too.

3. Use the sandwich method

You’re likely wondering, “What’s this exactly?” No, it’s not an actual sandwich…

This technique is the clever trick of placing constructive criticism between two pieces of praise, just like a sandwich with slices of bread and ingredients in the middle.

It usually helps to soften the blow!

4. Identify desired outcomes

Offering actionable advice means that a solution is also detailed.

This plan for improvement will provide a clear understanding of what must be done to achieve the best end result. Your ideas can better the situation!

5. Follow up (if necessary)

If any clarification is needed, it is helpful to respond to questions that the recipient may have.

You can even schedule a quick chat or meeting to clear up confusion. Following through completes the feedback process.

What do you think? Do you use these tips?

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