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Defining Another 10 Popular Business Expressions + Sample Sentences (Part 2)

If you caught last week’s post, you know that English idioms are found everywhere in the professional world.

In an average workplace conversation or team discussion, it’s incredibly likely for at least a couple business expressions to show up!

Instead of having an unfamiliar phrase take you by surprise, read through these ten definitions and examples to prepare:

1. Touch base

Meaning: To get in contact with someone after not speaking for a while
Example: We haven’t chatted much lately, and I just wanted to touch base.

2. Crunch numbers

Meaning: To do calculations with numerical data
Example: After crunching some numbers, it’s clear that our budget is too small.

3. Take it to the bank

Meaning: An emphatic way to state that an event or outcome is guaranteed
Example: Sales and profits will go up soon. Take it to the bank!

4. A nest egg

Meaning: The sum of money/assets that a person saves up for retirement
Example: He has built quite a nest egg over twenty years of employment.

5. Slacking off

Meaning: Being unproductive when one should be working
Example: Slacking off is highly frowned upon by the boss.

6. Flagship product/device

Meaning: The best and most notable item that a company sells
Example: Apple’s revolutionary flagship device is the iPhone.

7. A dime a dozen

Meaning: Refers to something that is very ordinary and/or inexpensive
Example: These days, new website ideas are a dime a dozen.

8. Circle back

Meaning: To revisit a topic or issue at a later time
Example: The contract isn’t ready yet, so let’s circle back next week.

9. Sell like hotcakes

Meaning: Describes a product that is bought quickly by many consumers
Example: Jackets sell like hotcakes during the winter season!

10. Climb the ladder

Meaning: To get promoted and become more important within a company
Example: The entry-level worker wishes to climb the corporate ladder.

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