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Some Punctuation Marks to Take Advantage of (Part 2)

TextRanch is currently on a mission to make everyone aware of all the different writing tools that are available to them!

In our previous article, 5 nifty punctuation marks were introduced, detailed, and discussed.

If you missed it, that one can be found by clicking here. Now that that’s settled, let’s move on to EVEN MORE punctuation marks:

1. Colon (:)

The colon is complex, so this section is divided into four categories. Use a colon…

1. To direct the reader to a quote, series, or list


There are three main elements of health: diet, sleep, and exercise.

2. In the middle of two independent clauses if the second one explains the first


Mother was searching the room: She couldn’t find her keys.

3. For emphasis near the end of a sentence


The house was shaken by a loud boom: thunder!

4. In ratios, times, and correspondence


Our 1:1 meeting is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. PS: Bring a laptop.

2. Forward slash (/)

Make no mistake, this is a powerful tool!

Forward slashes are so handy when two words are equally suitable in a sentence. Put one in between options to include both (e.g., “he/she” or “and/or”).


Can you please confirm/verify the data that was analyzed?

3. Ellipsis (…)

An ellipsis is placed at the end of a sentence to indicate that something was left out or is about to be stated. It can also evoke an element of mystery or intrigue in some cases.


Anything could lie beyond that door even lost treasure!

4. Interrobang (‽ or ?!)

Funny name, right? This combination of an exclamation point and question mark comes at the end of a question to show surprise and/or disbelief.


The food is burnt! What on earth are we going to eat now?!

(Note: This one is only meant for informal situations)

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